What exactly has been decided?
In 2012 Tamworth Borough Council Cabinet approved plans to deliver area-based housing regeneration for struggling Estates. Following feasibility work Tinkers Green in Wilnecote and Kerria in Amington emerged as priority areas for comprehensive regeneration and it has been decided that in order to do this certain properties should to be demolished and new homes built in their place.

Following consultation exercises held July 2014 and January 2015, outline planning permission has now been secured for both the Tinkers Green and Kerria regeneration projects.

Why has this decision been made?
For a number of years, residents have told us that they are unhappy with these properties and that the area needs to be improved. The Council has conducted an in-depth study of these issues. This study has concluded that in order to achieve long-term changes, it is necessary for some housing to be demolished and rebuilt.

How long will this take?
From start to finish, we currently expect this redevelopment to take at least six years.

How quickly will I be moving?
You will be moving in the planned year of the phases as indicated on your letter. The first step will be for those residents in first phase 2 to register for re-housing and provide all requested information. Following this your application will be assessed and placed in priority order, this is likely to take approximately 6 weeks, after which people will be invited to place bids against properties they are interested in moving to.

Where will I be moving to?
We will do our best to accommodate your preference of where you would like to move to but this is dependent on a number of factors; if the Council has the type of property you need in your preferred areas and properties becoming available. You will be regularly contacted and supported in the bidding process.

What if more than 1 family wants the same property?
Priority will be based on a combination of factors; waiting time in Band 1 + and there will be a weighting score applied as supported in Our Decant Policy. This gives consideration to: any schools children attend, where you work and support networks. In the case of two applicants having the same band date and weighting score, effectively joint first, a panel of Senior Officers will determine the most suitable allocation based on best use of housing stock.

What if I have adaptations in my home?
Your needs will be assessed by an Occupational Therapist and the Council will offer you a move to a property that has already been adapted and meets your needs.

How many bedrooms can I have in my new home?
You will be offered a property that meets the needs of your existing family members and ages of children in accordance with the Allocations Policy. We will not be able to take into account people who may come to live with you in the future. The Council will not be offering a property that is too big with spare bedroom(s) for visitors or one that is too small.

What if I have pets?
If your current home allows you to keep pets, in line with your tenancy agreement; this will be taken into account for any property offered so that you can take your pets with you.

What if I don’t like the property when I view it?
You will be offered a maximum of two properties through the Council’s Finding a Home service. If you refuse both of these, the Council will directly match you to one final property; after which the Council will have ended its re-housing obligations to you. You can request a review of any property offer made to you. This must be made in writing detailing the reason why you feel the property is not suitable.

Will the property be decorated?
The Home loss payment covers compensation for the decoration in your new home. The décor of any property offered to you will be left as it is by the outgoing tenant.

Will the property have a new kitchen or bathroom fitted?
This will be assessed when the property is empty; if kitchens or bathrooms meet Health & Safety requirements these will not be required to be refurbished.

How much time will I have to move?
You will have the opportunity to take one week rent free on your new home, this will give you time to move in. We understand for some people they may need to keep the keys longer for example if they are relying on family and friends to help them move. In this case, for any extra days or part weeks that you need to keep the keys, on top of the 1 week rent period a full weeks rent charge will be due.

What should I do with any unwanted furniture or rubbish?
You must leave the property clean and empty – we need to ensure the building is safe and secure for the other people still living there. There will be a charge for the clearance of any unwanted items that you leave.
Please note Refuse collectors will not take bulky/extra waste from the side of your bin.
You can request a bulky items collection which is a pre-paid service. Cheques, credit and debit cards are all accepted.
To book items in for collection, please contact: 0845 002 0022
Extra waste – including DIY waste and garden waste – can be disposed of at household recycling centres. The nearest are: Lichfield and Lower House Farm, Baddesley Ensor.

When will I receive the compensation payments?
At the point of accepting a new tenancy offer, your Disturbance Allowance of £1300.00 will be processed and would expect to receive this within two weeks. Alternatively the Council can arrange removals for you on your behalf; this will be discussed with you in detail at the time.

Your Home loss payment of £4900.00 will be processed after you have returned the keys to the property you are vacating. Please note, before this payment is made to you, all accounts held with the council such as rent, recharges for repairs, council tax, housing benefit, as well as for costs of chargeable services provided by the Council such as rubbish /unwanted furniture clearance, are checked and any arrears owed will be automatically deducted. You should expect to receive this second payment within four weeks of moving.

Can I move back when the new properties have been built?
Construction is not expected to start for the next 3 to 5 years and at present it is too early for the master plan which details the numbers and property types being built. Consequently this would mean moving somewhere temporarily for as long as five years with added disruption for families and in addition, compensation would not be paid for any second move.

When will the demolition be starting?
Demolition of the bungalows at Cottage Walk in Tinkers Green has already taken place and the remainder of the demolition at Tinkers Green will be taking place in 2 further phases. The first phase will be the 3 blocks at Hastings Close which are scheduled for demolition in the first quarter of 2016, with the second phase (Saxon Close, Linthouse Walk, Leisure Walk and the flats/shops at Cottage Walk) scheduled for summer 2016. The demolition at Kerria is currently scheduled for summer 2017.

When will the construction be starting?
Construction is scheduled to commence in 2017 at Tinkers Green and 2018 at Kerria and both sites are due to complete 2019. More specific timescales will be available closer to the date.

When will we see the final plans?
Further consultation will take place once the Council has appointed a developer to discuss the final plans for the sites. This consultation is likely to take place in summer 2016. Once the plans for the sites have been finalised they will be submitted for full ‘Reserved Matters’ planning permission and there will be further opportunity for the public to comment on the plans through the planning process.


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  • […] A hotline has been set up for residents and businesses who have concerns and questions about the redevelopment and what it will mean for them. It can be contacted on 0800 183 0454. There is also a webpage with frequently asked questions and answers, here […]

  • 2. martalf  |  February 23, 2015 at 3:10 pm

    Do the residents realise that once they have been rehoused their only chance of
    returning to the area would be by registering on the find a home website. As they
    will all by then be living in property deemed suitable for their needs, they will find
    themselves in Band 4 ( with no immediate housing need ) which in practice
    means that no-one who moves out will ever get back to the new houses.
    This begs the question as to why the residents were ever consulted about the
    new development plans, as they could never apply to them.
    Furthermore, there does not seem to be any indication as to what proportion
    of the new developments will actually be social housing for rent. Many
    similar schemes around the country include often a high proportion of houses
    for sale ( how do you think the council are going to afford this without trying
    to recoup some of the costs ? )
    In short it is entirely possible that tenants have been misled, and I look forward
    to future announcements with some interest.
    Don’t believe the hype.

    • 3. Tamworth Council  |  February 25, 2015 at 4:17 pm

      From the outset of the project the Council has been clear with existing tenants that it has not been possible to guarantee an automatic right to return to new properties once these are developed. This is because there will not be like-for-like replacement of the existing homes.

      However, in arranging moves to new properties, the Council has looked to provide re-housing within the local area for those who have work or caring responsibilities. In addition, priority has been given to those households who want their children to continue to attend local schools. This approach will continue for the next phases of re-housing.

      Consultation has been undertaken with local residents, including those currently living in homes which are included in the redevelopment. These households are uniquely placed to offer insight into the vision and design for the future development, having lived in the area. The feedback received has been invaluable in developing proposals and it would have been strange if current residents had been excluded from consultation.

      It is true that a final decision has not been made about whether there will be owner occupied homes included in the scheme. However, the planning submission is based on a minimum of 80% of homes to be included as affordable rent. Based on the figures were are currently working with, there is no need to build owner occupied homes to help pay for the development. The Council has made financial provision for the redevelopment through its Housing Revenue Account and is not therefore dependent on the inclusion of owner occupied homes, as may be the case elsewhere in the country.

      It is difficult to understand the assertion that tenants may have been misled as the above points have been communicated and relevant information is in the public domain.

      However if any tenant or other resident affected by the redevelopment remains concerned or wishes to obtain further information they can contact the Council via:

      Email regeneration@tamworth.gov.uk
      Dedicated hotline 0800 183 0454
      Contact our independent tenant friend Marilyn McNally on 01827 709448

  • 4. E  |  March 8, 2015 at 3:55 pm

    Unlike what residents were told when originally informed about the regeneration, it is more than likely that those living in the phase 4 areas will be moved to the houses in the keys without much choice or day in the matter. Personally I dislike the idea of moving to the other side of town amongst neighbours I’d rather not be around much longer. I thought this regeneration project would enable me to be happier in my surroundings and yet have found that moving across town away from my family, friends and the 3 schools I’ve applied for my daughter to start this year is going to cause me more stress than I realised


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