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Major £21.5m redevelopment plans for Tinkers Green and Kerria estates

A major redevelopment plan which will involve the demolition and rebuilding of parts of the Tinkers Green and Kerria estates is to be carried out.

Tamworth Borough Council will invest around £21.5 million over the next six years in the redevelopment of the two estates.

The decision to redevelop the areas was taken following an in-depth study of council housing in Tamworth, which found that some housing in Tinkers Green in Wilnecote and the Kerria Centre in Amington was unpopular with residents, outdated and unsuitable for current housing needs.

Consultation and ongoing feedback from local residents highlighted a number of issues with the area and in particular dissatisfaction with the available accommodation.

Feedback from residents also showed a majority wanted to see the estates redeveloped, with a large proportion in favour of demolition and rebuilding.

The rebuilding of the two estates is a long-term project which is expected to take at least six years to complete. A total of 136 properties are proposed for demolition – 100 in Tinkers Green and 36 in the Kerria Centre.

Secure tenants are being reassured that no household will be left without a home as a result of the rebuilding programme and will be supported by the council throughout the process.

The redevelopment of Tinkers Green and the Kerria Centre has been a long-term ambition of Tamworth Borough Council, but has now been made possible by changes to the way in which councils can fund housing. The final cost will depend on a number of factors, but the project is expected to cost around £21.5 million.

A hotline has been set up for residents and businesses who have concerns and questions about the redevelopment and what it will mean for them. It can be contacted on 0800 183 0454. There is also a webpage with frequently asked questions and answers, here


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